Here you can find answers to questions about our products and services.

We mainly communicate with you via push notifications and we reccomend you to keep them on. However if you are not happy with this and want to turn them off, you may do it in Profile- Settings - Notification Settings.

You may use your biometrics (face/ fingerprint) to unlock our app and authorise payments. You can turn on biometrics in Profile- Settings- Settings- Biometric Settings.
For security reasons and on certain times, we will ask you to enter your passcode even though you use your biometrics.

You may change your address by tapping Profile-My Information- Addresses, click the pen button on the top of your address and change your address easily.

Go to Profile and change your email address. We will send you an email to verify your new email address. Don't forget to verify your new email address as we will communicate with you only from your verified email address.

We will ask you to send an email to us ([email protected]) from your registered email address, telling us that your legal name has changed. Then, we will send an SMS to you and ask you to upload your new photo ID and your selfie. When we receive these, we will change your name in our records and you'll see it in the app.

For security reasons, you can use your app only from one device.

Your sort code and account number are on the main screen.

You can download and share your account statament from the main menu by tapping Account Statement.

Tap Profile- Settings- Change Login Passcode, enter your current passcode, then the new passcode and you are done!

You can see the latest version of this in you app- Profile- Contracts. You may reach to all previous versions from our Website.