Here you can find answers to questions about our products and services.

No, once you close your Param account, you can not reopen it again.

No, currently we can not provide you with an IBAN.

Currently, you can not make CHAPS payment.

Yes you can and it takes only a few seconds.

Currently you can only receive money from accounts held in other UK banks and you can also add money to your account with your UK debit or credit card.

Currently you can send money only to Turkey. We will let you know when there are more countries.

You can send money only from £ account to Turkey. The person you are sending money receives the money in their local currency (Turkish Lira).

When a money comes in and goes out we send you push notification if your notifications are turned on. We reccomend you to keep the notifcations on.

No, you can only have one personal account with Param UK.

Faster payments within the UK and internationals payment to Turkey.