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You can send a bank transfer to anyone who has a UK bank account. You'll need the name of the person or the company you are sending to and their sort code& account number.

When you pay someone in UK, you'll need the recipient's name and surname, sort code and account number. Transfers are instant but sometimes can take up to 24 hours (if it takes longer than the end of next working day, please contact us in the app or send email from your verified email address). To send money, tap the Money Transfer icon in the main menu, then choose Domestic. You need to add the information of the person you are paying to, if you haven't made payment to this person and sort code& account number before.

Unfortunately you can't cancel a domestic payment after you complete it in the app. If you have made a mistake, please see Payment Recovery.

If there is a bank transfer on your account that you didn't make yourself, you should get in touch with us immediately by sending an email to [email protected] We'll take some steps with you to make sure your account is secure. We may freeze your account until we are sure your account is safe. Other steps we take may include: changing the passcode of your app, identifying your identity and logging back to your account again. First we will need to make sure that your account is safe, then we will look into getting your money back. We'll ask for your permission to get in touch with the receiver's bank on your behalf and report this as a potential fraud. We will ask you questions and ask for your additional information to understand how someone could have made this transfer on your behalf. 
Our goal is to refund your money within 24 hours after we are informed. In some cases, we may need additional time to inevstigate further and in such a situation we'll let you know. 
If you are the one making the transfer but someone else scammed you into doing this, it is very important you inform us about this. Please have a look at "If you have been tricked"
If you made the transfer but think you sent it to the wrong person, you can read more in Payment Recovery.

When you send a payment, the money should arrive in seconds in the UK. Sometimes the receiving bank needs to perform some additional checks and sometimes it can take upto one one working day to put the money in the account. 
If a payment is taking longer than expected, make sure the recipient gave you the correct account number and sort code and that you entered them correctly. 
If the details are wrong, you may have accidentally paid the wrong person. If that is the case, we can try to help you to recover the money via Payment Recovery.
If the details are correct but the payment still hasn't appeared in the account after a day, let us know and we'll try to help you.
If you have been tricked
If you have been tricked by a fraudster into sending them money, you may directly reach to us to report it by sending an email to [email protected]. You may also report it to Action Fraud Police UK by calling 0300 123 2040, sending an email to: [email protected] or by texting to 7726. For further information you may want to have a look at:
Payment Recovery
If you sent money to the wrong account by mistake, we will not be responsible but we will try to help you. Though we will do our best, we can not guarantee you that you will get your money back. We will help you in recovering the money by sending a claim to the recipient's bank. 
If the money is still in their account, their bank will protect it and ask the recipient if they received the money by mistake. The recipient has 20 working days to confirm if the payment was a mistake or to dispute the claim if they believe there is no mistake. 
Their bank will return any undisputed money to us and we will put it in your account. 
We'll inform you about whether or not your claim has been successful. 
Unfortunately, we will not be able to recover money if it is no longer in the recipient's account.
To help you, please email us the below information to [email protected]: The amount and the date/ the full name of the person you were trying to send money/ Their correct number and sort code/ The reason why the payment was made incorrectly. 
We will evaluate this for you and let you know the outcome.

Yes you can within the UK.

Currently, you can only add money to your account by bank transfer from another UK financial institution. You may also use your UK debit or credit card or your Amex card to add money. Don't forget, adding money via card can be a costly solution. Please check the fees before adding money via card. Also keep in mind, your card issuer can also charge you fee/ commission. But soon we will have other solutions to add money!