Here you can find answers to questions about our products and services.

Currently, you can send money only to Turkey. We'll let you know as soon as you can send money to other countries.

If you made a payment to the wrong account and the money was transferred to the receiver's account, the receiver's approval is required for the refund. In this case, we will try to assist you, but we can not guarantee refund. If you know the receiver, you can also request refund by contacting them.

You can send money to Turkey directly from your app. Go to Money Transfer- International. You'll see the fx rate and the cost of the transaction; if you would like to proceed you record the information about the recipient.  When there are sufficient funds to cover the transaction and the cost, we will make some controls and then send the money. We will get in touch with you, generally by push notifications within the app and/ or send email to your verified email address to ask for additional information if we need to.

Unfortunately you can not cancel a transfer when you confirm the transaction and complete it in the application.

Generally the transfers to Turkey arrive the following business day. Sometimes if there should be additional checks, it may take longer.

You have to tell us the name, surname and the IBAN or Param Card number of the payee (recipient). In some circumstances we may ask for additional information to complete the transaction.

We will provide you with the foregin exchange rate before youcomplete the transfer. We will try to give you the best possible rate we can.

There may be several reasons for this: Your payment is being put through some additional security checks to make sure it’s genuine. This means it might take a little longer than usual to reach its recipient. Sometimes, the financial institution you send the money to can have additional checks or for any other reason it may take longer to credit their customers' accounts.

You need to have sufficient balance in your Param account to be able to transfer money. So if you'd like to finance this by your UK Debit/ credit card, first go to Add Money we will ask you to give us your card number, expiry date and CVV. Your card needs to be 3D secured. Currently you can use cards only issued by UK banks/ card issuers, also Amex card and you can pay only in £.